Assistant Professor



I am currently working as a Senior Assistant Professor in the Department of Nanotechnology, University of Kashmir, India. I did my Masters in Chemistry  from the Department of Chemistry, University of Kashmir and I completed PhD from the prestigious Indian Institiute of Science Bangalore (2008-2015). In my PhD I carried out research on rare-earth based nanomaterials and their optical, magnetic and biomedical applications. I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in CeNSE IISc which involved the fabrication of Perovskite based solar cells before finally joining the University of Kashmir in 2016.

I am currently heading the Multifunctional Nanostructures Laboratory (MNL group) at the University of Kashmir. The MNL group focusses on research, development and application of nanostructured materials with diverse functionalities through innovative synthetic methods, characterization and exploration of their unique optical, magnetic and catalytic properties. 



  • Solution-based routes towards nanomaterial preparation
  • Nanomaterial synthesis by microwave-assisted and sonochemical solution based routes 
  • Lanthanide based nanomaterials and their optical,magnetic and bioprobe applications
  • Rare-earth based MOF's and their optical, magnetic, sensing and biological applications
  • Metal oxide nanomaterials for sensing and optocatalytic applications






1. Sadaf Nazir Bhat