Welcome to the Department of Nanotechnology. Students, your curiosity to explore the frontiers of science, technology, and engineering has brought you to the study of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Kashmir University. Ours is one of the pioneering programs of its kind in the region of Jammu and Kashmir and stands at the forefront of modern scientific research.


The uniqueness of this program lies in its interdisciplinary essence. Here, students from various backgrounds, spanning from basic sciences to engineering, converge to pool their ideas and studies. This convergence results in the development of cutting-edge applications of Nanotechnology in areas like medical diagnostics, environmental protection, energy storage, and many other aspects of daily life.


The Department of Nanotechnology boasts a robust faculty sourced from prestigious national and international institutions, tailored to meet the demands of this burgeoning scientific field. The curriculum aligns with the standards of both national and international Nanoscience and Nanotechnology programs. Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of our students and the interdisciplinary nature of Nanotechnology, we also offer bridging courses that provide a common foundation for all.


With dedication and hard work from both the faculty and students, I am confident that within the next five years, the Department of Nanotechnology will establish itself as one of the leading departments in this University.


For those currently enrolled or considering joining us, remember: "Great opportunities await those who think small."


Best of luck to all!                        

Prof. Rabia Hamid
Head Of Department