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  • Administrative position Held Nodal Officer Directorate of Internal Quality Assurance (DIQA), In-Charge Department Seminars, Activities & Curriculum matters
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Research Papers Published

  • "Design, Synthesis and Anticancer evaluation of acetamide analogs of pyrimidine" Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 57(3): 1306 -1308 {ISSN: 1943-5193} Impact Factor= 1.3
  • "A Review on Remdesivir: A Broad-spectrum Antiviral Molecule for Possible COVID-19 Treatment." Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, 21(7): 2530- -2543 {ISSN: 1875-5607} Impact Factor= 3.862
  • "Synthesis, characterization, and cell viability of bifunctional medical-grade polyurethane nanofiber: Functionalization by bone inducing and bacteria ablating materials." Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 138(25): 50594 -50595 {ISSN: 1097-4628} Impact Factor= 3.125
  • "Clinical relevance of biomarkers, new therapeutic approaches, and role of post-translational modifications in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease." Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience (Front Aging Neurosci.), 14(2): DOI No. 10.3389/fnagi.2022.977411 {ISSN: 1663-4365} Impact Factor= 5.702

Books Published

  • "Development of Nano-Bioformulations of Nutrients for Sustanable Agricultre". Springer Nature Switzerland. {ISBN: 978-3-030-17061-5} pp 14


DepartmentSubjectCourse TaughtSemester
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyIntroduction to Nanobiotechnology: Concepts and Applications in Health and Medicine1
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyCell and Molecular Biology1
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyAdvance Techniques1
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyPhysiology and Disease2
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyNano-bioscience and therapeutics2
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyLab Course2
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyLab Course3
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyNanomedicine-II: Biomedicine, current status and challenges3
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyStem Cells and Regenerative Medicine4
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyResearch based Internship Program4
NanotechnologyMasters in NanotechnologyResearch Project writing4